Whether you are an Energy Consumer, Retailer, or Project Developer the Power Bureau can be your advocate and energy expert. Contact us today to learn more about the expertise the Power Bureau can offer your organization.

Portfolio Design and Risk-Management.  Fundamental changes to the energy markets have converted traditional hedging strategies into damaging cost premiums.  We develop and implement risk-management strategies to protect utility budgets and maintain options.  

Energy Commodity Procurement.  Procurement can be as much about transparency and equity as it is about price.  We manage competitive procurement processes where all cost variables are identified and reviewed for the buyer.   

Group Purchasing Program Management.  Group purchasing can leverage volume and optimized the load characteristics of members.  We expand those benefits by allowing individual members to receive customized alternatives to the standard group offerings.

Market Research and Analysis.  Data creates information which in turn supports decision-making.  We survey data and reports provided by various federal and state authorities as well as access specific market trading data to support clients' planning and validation needs.    

Education and Outreach.  Every organization comes to the energy markets with unique needs and questions.  We regularly provide briefings, presentations, and workshops with stakeholders to provide timely and accurate information to support decision-making.   

Energy Efficiency and Demand Management Services.  Markets value demand as well as supply.  We assist clients with the complexities of multi-faceted energy efficiency planning, program implementation and evaluation.  

Renewable Energy and Distributed Energy Asset Development.  Developing conventional or renewable generating assets presents significant economic, engineering, and regulatory challenges.  We draw on our project experience to assess and improve opportunities.